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Care Plan

Your worry-free solution for a safe and secure website. Made to save you time and money.

Made For You

We created this service care plan to protect my client’s sites from getting affected by malicious attacks.

When your website is open to the public, there are hackers out there attacking websites big or small. We will keep your website out of harm’s way and continue to run smoothly.

With this website security & maintenance plan, we will keep your website protected, maintained, and updated at all times.

What To Expect From Us

Top-Notch Security

Your website will be protected from malware and spam.

Weekly Updates

We will update your themes, plugins, and core files to ensure that site runs perfectly.

Cloud Backups

Your website will be backed up on the cloud in case you need it.

Monthly Reports

We will send you a report every month regarding your website.

Optimized for Speed

Your website will be fast with premium plugins to speed up your site.

Visible On Google

Your website’s pages will appear on Google’s search results.

1-on-1 Support

Personalized support for your website.

Fast Response Time

We all know time is money. Come to expect prompt responses to your website.

1 hr/mo For Website Updates

We will take care of any quick updates required for your website.

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